XNurbs is powered by our own kernel, i.e., xnkernel.dll. XNurbs Rhino and SolidWorks plugins are two end-user applications that we directly develop based on the kernel. (The kernel is only available to ISV and not available to end-users.)

Users should check out our tutorial videos for how to use x NURBS efficiently and correctly. (XNurbs Rhino plugin and XNurbs SolidWorks plugin have a very similar capacity and UI so they share some screenshots/videos.)

Aircraft Wing Tip (Click to play the demo video showing how XNurbs smartly blends G2 and G0 continuity along the edge of aircraft wing. Courtesy of FILOU)

GTR Car (Most surfaces of the GTR model are generated by XNurbs. Courtesy of Alexandre Galin.)

Watertight Fender (All are generated by XNurbs with G2 continuity.)

Courtesy of Vladimir Aleksic.

Click here to download the manual and tutorials (If the chm file does not show properly, then right-click on the chm file and select properties. You will see an “Unblock” button. Click on it. To play videos in the manual and tutorials, you need to download the whole package.).

Car fender: For a demonstration purpose, one edge is set to G1 and all others are set to G0.

Multiblending/Lofting with G2 Continuity

Y Lofting with G2 Continuity

Filling with G2 Continuity

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